Energy Storage

Solar Energy Storage

neeoQube and neeoSystem are the intelligent, lithium-ion storage solutions for your home solar power system. Innovative and efficient, neeoQube and neeoSystem are designed to cleverly store excess power produced during the day, so you can use it any time you like, even at night.


  • Create, store and use your own green energy generated from the sun whenever it is required, even at night
  • Suitable for new or existing solar photovoltaic systems
  • Combat the rising price of electricity and increased peak demand charges by economically optimising the operation of your solar power system
  • Increase self-sufficiency by choosing your desired level of independence
  • Ensure household energy security by maintaining power during black outs

Added Features

  • Space saving modular design, suitable for inner-city and urban areas
  • Fast charging rate
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany for quality assurance – backed by a 10 year warranty



Indicative household energy load profiles

Typical Household Energy Load Profile

The first graph shows a typical household daily energy load profile, combined with the installation of a 5kW  grid-connected solar PV system. At the time of greatest solar PV production only a small amount of energy can be used by the direct consumption of household loads. Excess power produced is fed into the grid.

Energy Load Profile With neeoQube

The second graph shows the same household, utilising neeoQube and SMA’s advanced Sunny Home Manager. The Sunny Home Manager obtains an overview of all energy flows within the household, making it possible to recommend the optimal time to turn on loads. This allows you to shift your household’s energy peak, into times where energy from solar PV is still available.
Excess energy produced by the solar PV is then used to charge the neeoQube’s batteries for use during the evening hours and into the night.

NB. Graphs are indicative only, and are not accurate representations

No more black-outs
In the event of grid failure, your energy security can be easily maintained.

Level of grid independence – the choice is yours

Every household has different energy requirements, and these may vary due to household behaviour and such factors as; number of occupants and household appliances.

Akasol have developed the neeoQube and the neeoSystem, which is available in multiple configurations to suit any household energy requirement.

neeoQube and neeoSystem - designed to store solar energy


With storage capacity of 5.5 kWh, the neeoQube is ideally suited to maximise efficiency of new or existing solar PV systems up to 5kW. With the inclusion of a neeoQube, create, store and utilise greater than 70% of the electricity produced by your solar PV system. As a result, reducing electricity demands from your energy provider and maximising return on your investment.


The neeoSystem offers just the right combination of storage and flexibility for those who have greater energy demands. The ready to operate neeoSystem comes in five configurable forms. The modular based system is configured for extendable storage capacity, allowing the system to grow with your home’s future energy requirements.

Current neeoSystem configurations include storage of: 5.5 kWh, 11 kWh, 16.5 kWh, 22 kWh & 27.5 kWh

New and retrofit PV systems

neeoQube and neeoSystem can be added as an upgrade to almost any PV system, making it one of the most flexible energy storage solutions on the Australian market.

Complete System

neeoQube and neeoSystem are compatible with the SMA Flexi Storage System, these solutions combined with photovoltaic panels by SolarWorld offers a complete German designed and manufactured Hybrid PV Solar System.


Designed and manufactured in Germany, SMA are the market leaders for solar inverters, setting new benchmarks of peak performance and reliability time and again. All SMA inverters come standard with a 5 year warranty.

As one of the largest solar companies in the world, SolarWorld AG attaches great importance to the highest quality – at every stage of production. SolarWorld’s production sites in Germany make it possible for them to produce all of the intermediate and end products inhouse. Thanks to consistent quality management and state-of-the-art research and development departments, SolarWorld can guarantee our customers high-performance products and optimum product quality on an ongoing basis.