Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

The battery technology incorporated into the neeoQube and neeoSystem uses a unique combination of lithium-ion chemistry, low-impedance cell design and specialised manufacturing processes to give performance advantages over other available technologies.

The automated manufacturing process of the cells ensures the highest level of consistency and reliability of each and every cell produced. It is this advanced manufacturing process, combined with nickel manganese cobalt chemistry that ensure precision stacking of electrodes giving the neeoQube and neeoSystem battery cells lower heat generation and improved long-term battery life.

Charging Rate

Thanks to the advanced lithium-ion cell design the neeoQube and neeoSystem have extremely quick and efficient charging rates. When coupled with a 5Kw system, a neeoQube can charge its 5.5 kWh of battery storage in as little as one hour of sunshine.

neeoqube 1 hour charging rate

Product Life

Developments in lithium-ion cell technology, coupled with advanced battery management systems guarantees longevity in all Akasol products. Both neeoQube and neeoSystem include a product life of up to:

  • 7,000 cycles*
  • 20 year service life*

*@80% DOD, operating at 20°C


Battery Management System

At the core of the neeoQube and neeoSystem is the battery management system (BMS). Akasol’s advanced battery management system monitors all data of the integrated lithium-ion cells and guarantees the continuous safe operation of the battery system.

Monitoring of the system includes readings of:

  • Current battery voltage and temperature
  • Charging balance between lithium-ion battery cells
  • State of Charge determination
  • Age status of unit

The result is a cycle stability of up to 7,000 cycles, no memory effect and unrestricted partial cycling of the battery.


All Akasol products are inherently safe, with more than 20 years experience in battery technology. Experience from the automotive industry and the use of Akasol products in vehicles such as trucks, buses, sports cars and trains have contributed to a high level of expertise. All products are developed according to rigorous European safety standards and undergo extensive testing and quality controls.

The battery management system is based on a redundant security concept, which protects both the unit and its integrated lithium-ion battery cells. Two independent devices continually monitor the condition of the battery, checking a number of parameters. This safety concept ensures that the device can be reliably switched off in the case of a fault.