Who Are Akasol

High Performance Battery Systems

Akasol develops and produces innovative lithium-ion battery systems for the automobile and commercial vehicle industries, as well as for shipbuilding, wind energy, hydropower, and solar power industries.

From the very beginning, Akasol’s concept of high performance comprises of much more than the “standards” of safety, performance and durability.

Akasol solutions are defined by the remarkable combination of exceptionally high energy and performance density, with an extremely compact design, modular structure and maximum flexibility.

Modern Test Facilities

Akasol developers have one of the most state-of-the-art test environments in all Europe, for analysis and test procedures in the battery technology sector.

The test centre has a total of six test and technology rooms, where cells, modules, and complete systems and drivetrains can be subjected to in-depth inspection – and where answers to the technical questions of the future are uncovered today.